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You spin me right round baby!

It’s close to Jack’s bedtime, I’ve opened a bottle of red in readiness, a reward for a very long day. My husband is in the bathroom waiting for Jack, who is squealing with excitement, because he loves shower time with Daddy.

This evening however, the shower door is partially open, the bath mat slightly out of position and as my son flies towards his waiting father, his little feet slip out from under him on the wet floor and he hits his head with a sickening thud.

I’m still screaming as my husband lifts Jack up and cradles him. We know Jack’s hurt because he’s reaching out for me, and he only picks me over his Dad when he’s in need of some serious comforting.

After a big hug his crying subsides. But then the vomiting starts and I am scared now, because after a head knock that is never a good sign, and after another Exorcist-like spew, we call an ambulance.

My husband has gone with Jack while I stuff some of his things in a bag. It only occurs to me I’m in some state of shock when I realize I’ve left the oven on, our dinner forgotten, my appetite vanished.

The staff at Randwick Children’s Hospital are wonderful and constantly reassure us he’s going to be okay. Jack is now in high spirits, but his vomiting has not abated. He’s been watching lots of episodes of Peppa Pig and its way past his bed time. They keep us overnight to observe him and give him anti-nausea medication.

The next morning they discharge us, and whilst Jack appears happy and oblivious to last night’s drama, I cannot relax. I have managed to get in one hour’s sleep and I am a nervous wreck. When he vomits again, I’ve convinced myself that his head injury has permanently damaged him somehow!

I make an appointment with my GP to follow up. As I wait for the appointment, I receive a message from Jack’s childcare center, there have been several cases of gastro at the center and children with any symptoms are being advised not to attend. I literally cry with relief, Jack hasn’t suffered a concussion, he hasn’t got a brain injury or suffered some irreversible damage, he’s had a stomach bug all along. A cruel coincidence but one I’m so very grateful for!

When Your Baby Has Suspected Concussion

Not so grateful the next morning, I’ve come down with the virus myself which leaves me incapacitated in bed. Strangely, I’m still happy because this confirms again that Jack’s head is okay. Now, I could try to push through but decide to let my husband take care of me (and Jack). It’s been a traumatic couple of days, and this little boy has spun me around emotionally and now physically. I end up staying in bed for a few hours longer than needed and just enjoy all the attention.

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