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Be The Key to Freedom for a Victim of Human Trafficking! 

As a new mum to my 11 week old daughter Emma, and a small business owner who is passionate about social justice and helping those in need, I am always looking for ways to partner with likeminded women/mothers who are passionate for a cause.

It was a delight to be asked to be a guest blogger for Amy at My Tiny Wardrobe and share a charity close to my heart, the A21 Campaign. The A21 Charity Organisations actively works with those who are being trafficked around the world. Every 30 seconds someone is a victim of forced labour and sex trafficking. Children as young as 12 months old are sold into slavery against their free will. When I learnt about these facts I couldn’t look past it and had to get involved to raise awareness.

People think this doesn’t happen in Australia but it does. Women, children & men are being trafficked mainly from South East Asia and Eastern Europe to Australia & told they will have a better future, more freedom and increased job prospects (MANY OF THEM MOTHERS). Only to find out they are being forced into sex slavery or forced labour and told if they try to leave and escape their families will be killed or large debts will be incurred. This means that victims are often slaves until they can be rescued by charities like the A21 Campaign.

An example of a recent rescue:

A21 partnered with the Royal Thai Police who identified and assisted 10 Children aged 5months – 11 years old, as well as two adults from a trafficking ring in Thailand. The survivors are now safe and awaiting the repatriation process to their home countries. This is an incredible breakthrough and a huge step forward regarding A21 Campaigns work in Thailand.

The A21 Campaign actively rescue’s and offer’s a safe house where victims can stay. For up to 12 weeks victims have access to counselling, medical help and work with police and lawyers to see ring leaders prosecuted.

On Saturday October 17th 2015, I was a part of the A21 campaign’s walk for freedom in Sydney where over 500 people walked from Surry Hills to the Opera House. Each year this charity does a walk for freedom around the world to raise awareness for those who are victims of human trafficking. I’ve partnered with the A21 Campaign to raise funds and awareness for the work they do to rescue, restore and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking across the globe. So when the walk for freedom was coming up despite the fact I just had a baby 4 weeks prior to the walk I felt it was important for me to be a part of this and to encourage my staff to participate & raise awareness. 

Sydney Walk For Freedom against Human Trafficking Blog

A21 Walk for freedom- October 2015 – Sydney Australia

Australia Human Trafficking Blog

It’s exciting to hear that since the A21 Campaign started a few years ago, they have now rescued 380 people from slavery and seen 49 ring leaders prosecuted for this horrific crime against humanity. The reason A21 Campaign are able to rescue people all over the globe is because of everyday people LIKE YOU & ME making a stand and raising awareness & money so that the A21 Campaign can continue to do the amazing work they do. We can’t do everything but we can all do something small to be a key to someone’s freedom. Whether it be this charity or another, or raising awareness over the dinner table about this topic. 

Human Trafficking In Australia Blog A21 Campaign

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