An Open Letter to the Mother suffering from Post Natal Depression

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Hey Beautiful Mama,

As I glance at you at the park, at the café, walking down the street, I see you there, but I do not entirely see you. I only see a part of you. And it isn’t a part that is the true you. Empty eyes. Withdrawn face. Hands shaking. A majority of your existence has been swallowed up with guilt, blanketed with depression and charged with anxiety. 

Please, do not blame yourself for feeling like this. For this is what post-natal depression (PND) does. It is not you, it a disorder that infects the mind and embeds the heart and soul with absolute angst and pain. Like a stormy day, the black cloud huddles over for weeks, or months or even years. 

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Please, do not let the disorder make you ashamed or weak. Please not let PND make you feel like you are an incapable, imperfect, incomplete mother. Please, do not let PND make you feel guilty to speak up and talk to someone. Please, do not let PND make you feel alone - as loneliness can be destructive. Intrusive thoughts can sneak in and make you think the most unthinkable thoughts. Please mama, if you are experiencing this, please talks to someone. If you are too scared to talk to a health professional, please talk to a family member, or a friend or a partner.

I hope you will soon understand this - you are one amazing mother. Your children think you are perfect. You are capable of being a parent. I hope soon, you find your life complete. 

Healing from PND takes time. In fact, it can take as long as the time suffered from PND. Please, be kind to yourself. Please find time for yourself. Even if it is for 10 minutes, it is time to recollect you and recuperate. 

I am so sorry you are going through this torment, mama. It may seem like forever at the moment, the storm will pass. Soon you will see sunny days. The rays will shine ever so brightly that they will warm and melt every corner of darkness you have lived in. 

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