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June Edit 2 Year Old Gifts

This month’s Edit is proudly presented by Little Bean Organics. Simply Organic Babywear.

A 1-year-old is a handful. They are now on the move, are pulling everything out of your Tupperware draw every hour and their day sleeps are slowly but surely getting shorter and shorter. By the time a child is 2, they are starting to show more of their personality, you can sometimes reason with them, and they will have strong obsessions for certain books, toys and TV characters!

I am lucky enough to have two boys, both somewhere either side of the 2-year-old age range so I have a little bit of insight into the second birthday event. With a 3-year-old as of next week, we are just finishing with having a “Terrible 2-Year-Old”, and in a blink of an eye my now 16-Month-Old will be 2 and we will be straight back into it! I have seen the age of 2 come and almost go, and I can see it once again on our horizon, and although I am happy one of the boys has made it through, I am excited for our next 2-year-old life experience and the fun we can have with them!

Buying a second birthday present is starting to edge into the really fun age. Most Dad’s like to buy their kids toys that are actually really for them, and most mums are having to start hiding their makeup from the little ladies in their life who just want to copy mum. 2-year-olds have strong likes and dislikes, and they are certainly not shy of telling (screaming at) the world when they don’t like something. Now the test is really on when you give a gift, not just to make the parents happy BUT to also make the toddler happy. Because if you don’t make the birthday person happy, you certainly won’t be invited back for the third birthday!  You need to put some serious thought into a 2-year-old’s birthday present, so read our blog and make sure you retain the title of #thefavouriteaunty.

The Cutest Clothes
White Frill Sleeve Romper

Photo: Little Bean Organics

Clothes are not only super cute and fun to shop for because who doesn’t want to buy mini-me clothing, but are also practical and something that little ones can really get attached too. Tonight, I am very lucky to be able to include in our Edit the brand new White Long Sleeve Embroidered Frill Sleeve Onesie for girls and the Short Sleeve ‘Shoot For The Moon’ Onesie for boys from the sponsor of this month’s Edit, Little Bean Organics. They have JUST launched these new pieces in collaboration with Hugo and Co, and each onesie comes with a bonus pair of knee high socks.

Equally stunning clothing options include the beautiful Sweety Long Sleeve Tee from Little Bubba, or fun party dresses including the Floral Pretty Little Dress from Love From Iylah or the beautiful Pinafore Dress from Stevie Wanders. Dresses are great for summer or winter gifts, and when the weather is cooling down, add a few layers and some tights and you are warm again!

One tip when buying clothes as the babes get older is sizing does become a little more complicated. If in doubt and you don’t want to ask the parents, just go for a size 3. My oldest was in size 3 from about 2 and a half and kids can always grow but they won’t shrink!

The Best Accessories
White Molly Bow

Photo: Little Bow Co

One fun thing about 2-year-olds is that they slowly stop pulling everything off their heads! A hat is no longer a constant struggle (which from around 9 months to 2 years is extremely frustrating!) and pretty headwear can now be an everyday thing.

For the girls a beautiful bow like the Blush Bow from Rose+Dot Co or the White Molly Bow from Little Bow Co is super fun and will finish an outfit. The absolutely stunning Dusty Pink Beanie from My Tiny Wardrobe is perfect for winter (and in very exciting news they have another 3 new colours to join their existing range of 8 very soon!) and come in mini me and me sized options!

The beautiful crochet bonnets with a vintage feel from Head Spinning Designs are really sweet and keep little heads warm, or for those still lucky enough to be seeing the sun, the Beau Loves Cap with Cat Ears from Eye 4 Kids Fashion is a great unisex cap to keep the sun off!

Whatever headwear you go with, is these are practical options that big and little people will both love!

The Coolest Toys
Tailor Made Tales

Photo: Tailor Made Tales

A toy will go a long way to get in the good books with little people and keep you up there as #thefavouriteaunty. EVERY time we go anywhere near a shop or I say I have a surprise, my almost 3-year-old always asks about toys. But when thinking about toys, please always go the quality over the quantity route.

The stunning Chime Xylophone from BabyNoise is so classic and will fill a home with beautiful sounds, and the Stacking Rocket from Young Willow is so classic and durable it will be something passed on to siblings or cousins. Sticking with the wooden theme, and although not technically a toy, the amazing bamboo dinner plates from Emondo Kids will ensure meal times are so much fun. I recently bought these for my boys and their plates are always cleared within 5 minutes when they get to eat off Puddles The Platypus or Waldo The Wombat.

Or, go that extra little step and get something personalised. I absolutely love the beautiful books made by Tailor Made Tales. Kim will create a personalised story with your own photos and one of my favourites in the range is the My Daddy and Me Personalised Story. It makes the perfect birthday present and I can see it being a winner come Father’s Day.

The Most Stylish Décor
Pink Kids Rocking Chair

Photo: Hobbe

I could talk for hours on décor, and a 2-year-old’s room is starting to go through an overhaul from nursery to kid’s bedroom which is so much fun to decorate. The walls can be updated with decals, like the Safari Large Scene Kids Cartoon Decal from Red Pandal Wall Stickers, or with adding one of the lovely Dream Big Scrabble Art Frames from Love Letter Frame Co. The stuffed toys on the shelves are on the way out, and the Black Hanging Robot from Izzy and Pea is a cool boy’s bedroom accessory, and as a mum of two boys I can tell you fun boys décor is hard to find!

A bed is generally not far off being introduced to replace a cot, and with that comes time for a linen overhaul. For those with starfish wiggly sleepers, the BedZee Toddler Blanket is a great way of keeping the covers on overnight with their amazing velcro & zip combos. Or, for those just adding some extra pretty accessories, why not grab one of the brand-new pillow cases from The Young Co. Tamara has only JUST introduced standard sized pillow cases to her range in similar fabric to the cot sheets everyone has already fallen in love with, and I can see these pillow cases won’t be limited to the kids. I am trying to work out which pattern goes best for my bed already!

Lastly, but definitely not least, a beautiful gift that will be used for years to come is the Children’s Rocking Chair from Hobbe. Every little person wants a seat that is just for them, and when it is just so beautiful it will certainly be loved. We are lucky enough to have my Father in Laws rocking chair from when he was a child, that my husband has memories sitting in, and now my boys love to play in. While sadly it isn’t a Hobbe (but we do have a Hobbe rocker that I fit in and LOVE), it just shows a gift like this won’t be forgotten come Christmas.

The Most Luxurious Gifts for Mum
Amelia Kate Family Photography

Photo: Amelia Kate Photography

As we start to hit the 2-year-old mark it really is becoming less about mum, BUT I still think something the whole family can enjoy is a great idea. Last year we did a family photo shoot and it was so nice to have some new photos with us and all with our extended family, and I felt much more comfortable carrying almost no “baby weight” in comparison to all those loved up newborn shots. For those of you in Perth, make sure you check out Amelia Kate Photography. She does amazing photos and I love all her candid shots like the one above!

When they hit 2, kids really are starting to become interested in the present and not just the wrapping paper. Their communication skills are really kicking in, they make it quite clear what they do and don’t like and their faces don’t lie. If they don’t like your present or find it boring you will see the second they tear off the wrapping paper. When you are stuck for what to buy, take some advice from someone in the know to get a bit of a head start on buying the best gift, and to make sure you are #thefavouriteaunty.

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