FEATURE: Fast Five Questions with Amy From My Tiny Wardrobe

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This Article Was FEATURED about My Tiny Wardrobe - THE BRAND. How Amy Started a Successful Small Business Start Up Company from Nothing and turned it into a Full Time Job! Featured on the 20/3/17 with the gorgeous lovelies behind the brand:


Fast Five with Amy from @mytinywardrobesydney...

Fast Five with Amy from @mytinywardrobesydney...

Well here we are guys, with our first 'Fast five' of the 2017. Over here at Debonair and Darling, we LOVE our biz mums. The one's hustling late into the night, often into the early hours of the morning. The one's juggling #MumLife and #BizLife, leaving the rest of us wondering, 'I don't know how she does it!?', and that's why we love to shine a little spotlight on them, to share the love! This week, we are chatting with the fabulous Amy from 'My Tiny Wardrobe' or @mytinywardrobesydney on Insta. She's a HUGE mum biz supporter herself, often taking the time to shoutout to, or show some love to others, so we thought, it's time to shine some light on her. So sit back, and enjoy, this is one you don't wanna miss! Kirsty xx



1. How did ‘My Tiny Wardrobe' come about? What was the inspiration behind starting your own business? 
My Tiny Wardrobe started as ‘motherhood’ changed me. I wanted to be with my girls and watch them grow & not leave them to return to Full Time Work. And lets face it, once you have two babies under 2 running around, my day to day attire was pyjamas. Couldn’t go back to the city in PJ’s (Wink Wink)
My dream for My Tiny Wardrobe is to use the business to encourage other mums to work from home if they can, and provide them with a platform to sell their designs. I am currently collaborating with women designers who are raising children in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is a collection of working mummy designers, photographers, and suppliers, all woven together to empower women through small business.
I was inspired by my 2 girls, and the realisation when they were born that life is too short to not chase your dreams! And I wanted to show my children that anything is possible. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it was easy. Before launching my business I didn’t even have a personal Instagram page! Seriously, I thought Facebook was “trending”. I had no idea. What a learning curve I have loved riding the wave of. 
If you LOVE Photography or Love Marketing or you LOVE TO DESIGN, SEW, PRINT, STITCH and would love to do that while your little ones play under your desk at home, it's possible. In creating this brand, I stepped out of the corporate world to design a future for myself and my family, and other mums who would join this collection of creatives, all working from home!

2. How do you juggle #MumLife AND running a business? Like when the whole family is sick, and you just don’t feel like getting on with it, what helps you to do that?
I can’t say I juggle it with ease. NO. It is hard. But it is also wonderful.
I Plan Ahead.
I ask for help if I need to work.
I work hard while the girls nap or late at night.
I unleash my stress and my sometimes inability to juggle both kids and work by talking it out. I talk to Biz mums I’ve met on Instagram & they encourage me. I ask my hubby and he reassures me. 
I stop somedays and prioritise the girls. 
Other days I plan whether would need to encourage independent play so I can work a little while they are still near me.

3. If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, who would it be? So, what's your dream collaboration?
I would want to collaborate with Minty Magazine and write a piece on Fashion and Biz Mums Supporting Mums and other Biz Mums in the industry.

4. What are you top 3, most important things in life? 
1. Health 
I have suffered with a Muscle Disease for 15 years now. It can be so debilitating and has caused me to suffer not only pain but anxiety. I sometimes survive a day, instead of living the day. I WON’T LET THAT DEFINE ME THOUGH. I have always said “Your health is your Wealth!”. How can you look after a business and children if you don’t have your health and fill your happiness cup to the brim. MUMS I AM TALKING TO YOU, It is NOT selfish to put yourself FIRST sometimes. When you feel energised and happy, your children will benefit. 
2. Family
My Family is my world. I could not imagine life without them. OK, some days, the children push my buttons so hard, that I play hide and seek just to hide somewhere tricky and get a break hahahaha. But at the end of the day, they are my people!
3. Kindness
Just that. To be kind. A smile to a stranger could change there whole day. Asking someone “How are You” might just allow them to unload a worry they have. BE KIND. GIVE BACK. LOVE IS IN THE DETAILS.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take ONE person with you, and ONE item, who would you take, and what would you bring?
Oh this is easy! I’d take Tom Hanks & he would bring Wilson. Lets face it, he knows how to get an island. As after a while, I would need to get off that island and come home to my loves! 

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