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Ok so lets talk co-sleeping!

I feel its such a controversial subjuct and not everyone agrees with it. In fact many people I meet act horrified, others sit in silence and some don't care at all as its MY decision. 

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So I should really start with "why and when did I start to co sleep?"

For all who don't know me, my name is jade, I'm 29 years old, 30 next month (gulp): I'm a mother of three (yippee for three) Theo 8, Mellie 2, and baby Raulf who is 10 months old.

What may suprise you is that I DO NOT co sleep with all the children. The only child I do sleep with is miss moo (Mellie) I do however have the odd cuddle in bed with Raulf after a feed and before laying him back in his baby crib.

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So when I first fell pregnant and had Theo, I was doing everything "by the book", I had every pregnancy book, birthing book and baby book out there. I also googled like a nutty woman (don't Google it's bad for your soul haha) AND MY HUBBY actually banned me from Googling whilst pregnant.

Any way..Theo came and that was that, he slept like a dream and was in his own cot from day dot. 

Let's fast forward 6 years and I'm pregnant with Mellie. Prepared beyoned measure and feeling content. I chose to nurse Mellie as I did so with Theo for a full year.

When Mellie came she slept through the night from early on, she was in her cot and all seemed well (so wrong mumma). One day Mellie got REALLY sick and had three horrendous nights of vomiting and this for some strange reason made her the complete opposite of good...she was had changed and displayed bad behaviour. Up all night, not settling; crying; wanting to be fed every half hour. Ah!

So one night when I just couldn't take any more, I made the disision to bring Mellie into our bed. I protected her with a nursing pillow on one side and me on the other, hubby did wake and looked SHOCKED at what was happening but he rolled over and turned in toward us both. It was a magical and beautiful moment and one i will cherish. She nursed through the night and slept like a beautiful princess.

Mellie is now 2 years old and yep I'm still co sleeping with her. A few changes tho! I get asked A LOT where my husband serks sleeps?

Well you know what..he gets the sofa. Is that crazy to you? The reasons behind serks not sleeping in the bed are:

1. He leaves for work at 5am and doesn't want to wake anyone 

2. Mellie is a bed hog and i also like space haha.

I didn't really prepare as such to co sleep but I do make sure our baby/toddler is safe. You need to lay on your side, facing your baby, with your body curled around baby in a C-shape. Place your lower arm above your babies head and draw your knees up under babies feet. This position helps to prevent you from rolling forwards or backwards and keeps pillows away from your babies head. If you’re breastfeeding, you'll probably adopt this position instinctively, as it helps to have your baby lying level with your breasts so he can feed during the night. Even now Mellie is older this still is very important.

The next big question starts with A...woooo SEX!!!!!

Do we have sex? Where do we have sex? Is it the same? Well let me tell you guys yes we do, I would say more than if we slept in the same bed!!! It has made us make more effort and it's actually like being teens again and we are far more adventurous than before, not just having sex in bed any more not being stuck in a full rut. So yes we are very happy still, very much in love and still having lots of sex!!!

We also get a lot of mummy and daddy time. Although I co sleep with Mellie she still goes to bed before me (after a showdown of course). Raulfie will be in his cot in his room and Theo has his own room also, so everyone is fast asleep. So me and hubby get a good few hours to catch up on life and have a little fun. (Wink wink)

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FYI Mellie has her own room and her own bed which she sometimea naps in. I do not feel I'm spoiling Mellie or stopping her from learning to sleep alone. I feel like when she is ready she will want to sleep in her room in her own bed. But for now she loves to cuddle mumma and sleep safe and sound in my arms.

I've been asked if I feel co-sleeping is "helicopter parenting". Straight away I'll give you a NO!! I give Mellie and my other children a lot of time to play alone and find there way and find who they are. I do not control their behaviour or how they think. Nor do I give in to all their demands and tantrums. That would just make me crazy!

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I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it made you rethink the idea of co- sleeping, if you had thought it was odd. 

Jade x


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