Chloe and Beans - An Inspirational Mother

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Chloe Dastan, a gorgeous Australian 22 year old mum with 6 happy and thriving children, three of whom were triplets, born premie (Something special and Close to my heart, having had a premie and sadly lost a twin on that journey). We met on Instagram when we discovered we had a love of bay blankets. Chloe had posted this. I looked at all her photos and couldn't believe how happy all her children were in every snap and what a great mature mum she was with a supportive husband at such a young age. 

I knew we had something in common ( Apart from our Love for the name Chloe (Wink Wink). We were both familiar with the NICU and motherhood. Soon she had her hands on our Organic Cotton pink and green Blankets!  

soft green baby blanket triplets newborn blanket premie babies

The triplets loved the newborn blankets and I loved that such sweet miracles were wrapped in them.

pink baby blanket newborn premie triplets

Since meeting, we have both realised our passion for helping raise awareness on World Prematurity Day for our bubs and have discussed briefly the world of fame & motherhood. When I met Chloeandbeans, she had 20,000 followers, now she has 200,000 followers! She has given us the privilege of sharing her life with us. She is an inspiring mother, and someone to watch. I have met so many mums in such a short time through this community I am trying to build (Not only selling kids clothes but creating a resource for mums through blogging about stillbirth, being a new mum, prematurity, and exposing that motherhood is not always fun). She is an ambassador for family, love, premie babies and making the best decisions for her children.

When I met Chloe, I thought, what the HECK! How is she going to cope? Can I help? But cope she did! Not only did she cope, she excelled. Giving mums support and encouragement, replying to her loving followers endless questions and helping new mums and people realise that HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS & FAMILY IS EVERYTHING.   

You can find her beautiful children and her story about the stark and difficult decision her and her husband were confronted with @chloeandbeans and I'm sure if you think something is impossible, she will give you the strength to keep going xx 

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