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While many say that parenthood is a journey, those that have boys will know that it is also an adventure. By adventure I mean wrestling them both each morning, just to get them into their clothes for the day. There is never a dull moment in raising boys. With an 8month old and an almost 3 year old I’ve learnt that sometimes it is better to laugh at situations that arise, rather than lose my cool over something silly, they are just being boys after all.

Raising boys mean mess. That your house could look like the toy room exploded and everything was thrown to every room in the house. That if there is mud in the yard after it rains they will find it. That owning anything white is risky. When I first bought my white quilt cover, in the back of my mind I was saying “is this a smart move?”. I now sometimes feel like I’m guarding that thing with my life against vegemite fingers.

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Raising boys is playing along with their wild imagination. Flying around thunderbirds to the theme music, marching around like Darth Vadar to the imperial march, and sneaking around the house to 007 music pretending to be James Bond (thanks to my Dad). I am not excused from any of these activities and must participate with enthusiasm, and to be honest I love it.

Raising boys is knowing they will attempt something dangerous and sometimes it's better for your own sanity to look away rather than to watch. Noah loves to climb, he climbs fences, to the top of play frames at the park or play centres and pretty much anything he can get a foot hold on, he also like to try and defy gravity with couch diving.

Raising boys means that baby proofing might not stop them. They simply see this as a challenge. We had a barrier around our tv unit when Noah was first walking, I took my eye off him for a second and he had scaled it and was standing on the unit watching the TV with his face pressed against it. 

Raising boys is knowing that you WILL get peed on. I was totally prepared for being peed on a lot after Noah. It seemed like at every nappy change that kid was saving it up to get me. Marlon has only peed on me maybe twice, I love not having to duck and cover anymore. 

Raising boys means they may not understand make up. If you’re like me and hardly ever wear make up, on the odd occasion that you do, you might get asked “what’s wrong with your face?”. Definitely doesn’t make me feel like a napoleon expert when Noah asks that. 

Raising boys is finding farts funny. I’m not 100% sure but I think boys pick up that they are funny quicker. Noah has no shame in admitting to them and laughs, but also finds it amusing to blame his innocent baby brother, whom I’m sure will get him back by farting on him when he’s older, much like my own brothers did to me.

Raising boys is keeping them busy. It may sound ridiculous or excessive but we do something out of the house every single day, park, play centres, theme parks, shops, gym with crèche, play dates with friends. Noah has unlimited energy and is non-stop most days. 

Raising boys is keeping them fed. If you think they have had enough, they will prove you wrong. With all that activity comes a big appetite. The food budget is increasing with each growth spurt.

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Raising boys is struggling to give Marlon his bottle while using my free hand to grab crusty boogies out of Noah’s nose.

Raising boys is being asked where your pee pee is?

Raising boys is that despite all the wrestling and tackling, dirt, snot and farts that sometimes they will only want their mum. That there will be something that only a mummy cuddle will fix. That the bond I share with my boys is unique and special and as they say ‘the days are long but the years are short’ so I want to soak up this adventure with them as much as I can.

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