A Mum's Pregnancy and Postnatal Health Journey

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Hi everyone, 

I'm Alice from @aliceinhealthyland. When I was asked by Amy to share a post on her blog, I jumped at the chance, as I was already a huge fan of Amy and her unique children's online boutique. I love her story too, such an inspiring woman. Thank you Amy for your continuous support and kind words. 

I've decided to write a blog post about how I managed to stay healthy pre and post pregnancy and thought I would share a yummy recipe that will kick that chocolate craving to the kerb. 

 Nutrition in Pregnancy Blog

Okay so here goes...

A little about me.... 

I am 28, I am a registered nurse that works in Day Surgery and Medical Infusions, I am engaged to the man of my dreams, I am head over hills in love with our new baby boy, Cruz (currently on maternity leave) and love living a healthy lifestyle. I want at least 4 children but who knows what this life has planned out for me. I am the eldest of 8 children and family is everything to me.

What is Alice in Healthyland about?  

I started my @aliceinhealthyland Instagram as a diary, to document my new healthy lifestyle. I had recently lost 20kg when I created the account. I figured if no one followed me, I would just use it as a journal of my lifestyle, use it as motivation and be honest about what I was eating and doing it to keep fit. I loved recreating naughty recipes and making them healthy. I instantly became very inspired by so many other people doing the same thing. I have met so many beautiful friends over the years. 

When I fell pregnant I decided that I would still document my healthy lifestyle but also my fears and triumphs of pregnancy and motherhood. I continued to post recipes and documented my workouts. But my account was also becoming more about my journey and letting my followers get to know me more as a person.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy Blog

Then I had Cruz! @aliceinhealthyland for me has helped me gain so many great networking relationships and friendships with many other mothers. I do spam Cruz a lot, but also love to post about what products have worked for Cruz and I. I enjoy sharing what I have purchased off other local mummy businesses. I also share the food I eat and the training that I continue to do postpartum. 

Honestly at first I was concerned I might lose followers as they would be over my Cruz spam, but then I realised, my Instagram is about my life, what I am inspired and motivated about. I don't care how many likes I get. If people don't like my story then just un follow. No problem. Life is to short to live your life trying to impress others. I am ever so grateful for the support, love and kind words I get from my followers and I always try to reply to everyone.

Staying Fit during and after pregnancy blog


I decided pre-pregnancy that I wanted to maintain a healthy mind and body during my pregnancy. I wanted to continue on this path I had chosen to good health. I wanted the best for my Bub growing inside me. It took me about 6months to get pregnant and when I found out that I was, I was completely over the moon. 

I kept the sex a surprise and was just blessed to be carrying a healthy baby.

The first 13weeks were a little hard, I was so tired, I experienced 24hrs a day nausea and vomiting. I had to drop my hours at work. Driving a car was the worst part of my day as I got motion sickness every time.

I still walked everyday for exercise, as the fresh air was the only thing that helped with the nausea. I also did pregnancy yoga from home. Some days was hard to get up and walk but I truly felt better after going.

I continued at HIIT AUSTRALIA on and off until 18 weeks. But I kept on getting a real bad stitch in my abdominals so I stopped. I continued walking 1 hour everyday up until the day I gave birth to my baby boy Cruz. I also used 3kg dumbbells to do mini home workouts. 

Nutrition was good most of the time, there was definitely some days where all I felt I could stomach was a bag of chips that were extra salty, Nutella and scrambled eggs with tomato sauce. I did buy organic chips though (makes it sound healthy right haha). 

But most meals were all healthy, meals I prepared for myself. I also went sugar free. I ate vegetables with every meal and drank lots of cold pressed juices.

Healthy Snacks during Pregnancy Blog

I did enjoy my having bump and actually became quite confident with my body at about 24 weeks. 

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy with Yoga

Giving birth was hard but I felt like I could do anything after experiencing it. I would stare at woman in the shops with children and think you are AMAZING, you gave birth.



After a week, I decided I would start walking again as I had the okay from my doctor and midwife. I started with just 20min a day and am now back to walking 1hr a day. There were a few days where even walking was to much stress on my body. I really had to listen to my body and rest on those days. Plus my pelvic floor was terrible.

Staying fit and Exercise after giving birth blog and strengthening the pelvic floor

I couldn't go back to HIIT AUSTRALIA until Cruz was 11 weeks as I tore my upper abdominals. So a lot of stretching and mini yoga sessions at home helped to repair them. I used @activewithD ebook to assist in what exercises to follow at home.  

I am now back training 3-6 classes per week at HIIT but it all depends on how Cruz is. I'm limited to what times I can leave Cruz with my partner as he works shift work. I normally work it out that I breastfeed right before I leave him with Dave. I also always have expressed milk in the fridge if he needs it.

I walk everyday as it clears my head, it's low impact and I enjoy taking Cruz out in the fresh air. Plus I have my beautiful dog Evie to look after too.

If I can't get to the gym, I just set my self little goals at home, like every time I go to the fridge I will do 10 push ups on the kitchen bench or 10 squats. Just to help move my body. 


I find that meal prepping works for me and having lots of ready to go healthy snacks in the fridge. 

I eat 1-2 of @milkandcookiesbyjewels lactation bliss balls a day, as they are a healthy snack to eat on the go.

Having fruit and vegetables cut up and ready to snack on helps a lot too. 

I try to keep it simple, because who has the time for fancy food when you are a new mum, I make vegetable stir fry, basic fish/proteins and steamed vegetables and bake lots of sweet potato to add to salads. 

Healthy Recipes during and after Pregnancy Raw Cooking

I am breastfeeding so the meals I prep and the amount of training I do is all trial and error as my little man comes first. I need to make sure I have enough milk supply for him and I am not burning myself out. 

Lots and lots of water too. I drink about 4litres a day. 


Cacao Raw Chocolate Recipe Healthy Snacks

My cacao clean chocolate. Let's face it, we all need to feel like we can treat our self once a day, it is full of good fats and who doesn't love chocolate. 

3 tbsp organic cold pressed coconut oil.

2 tbsp organic pure peanut butter.

1 tsp organic honey. 


Mix in 2 tbsp organic cacao. For something different I also added 1 tbsp of chocolate protein but this is optional and still tastes amazing without it. 

Allow to freeze for at least 15minutes. Note - you can add mix ins if you like, nuts, fruit, frozen berries, cinnamon, maca powder, granola. Perfect for that after dinner craving. 

I have lots of other recipes on my Instagram/Facebook page. I truly love to share my healthy creations with my followers. I also love when others have recreated my recipes too. 

Mummy Advice.

Say yes to help from friends and family. 

Join a mums group you feel comfortable to be open and honest in. 

YOU know what is best for YOUR child. 

Thank you so much for reading. I am forever grateful for the friendships I have gained and the experiences I have had since starting Alice In Healthyland.

Alice xx

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