A Tribe of Water Loving Women: Surfing Mums

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By Cath Sansom, Mornington Peninsula Surfing Mums
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Nine women each with a baby on their back, a surfboard, wetsuit and a bucket of beach toys, trek along the sand dunes overlooking perfect waves. It is here that I feel at home, intrepid and alive.

Surfing Mums meet each week at the beach to surf, swim or go for a beach walk in peace, while the other mums mind their children. I started a Surfing Mums group on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria 8 years ago when my daughter was 6 months old. I had been to the Surfing Mums AGM in Byron Bay where it all started, and I was hooked. Over the years we’ve had Surfing Mums BBQs, playground sessions, ‘mums only’ surf safari’s to the West Coast of Victoria, and a snow trip where we all lodged together. 

Why do I love Surfing Mums? 

It’s where I found my tribe of water loving women. It keeps me sane. It’s where my daughter made her best friends; and its time out every week doing what I love most - being in the sea.

Surfing Mums pushes my boundaries in the comfort of a crew of cool women; in fact everyone I’ve ever met through Surfing Mums is Awesome.

As we trek back over the dunes, mums and kids are exhausted, stoked and happy. What better way than to spend a morning with friends, their children, the surf and the outdoors?!


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