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I have been following @the_real_dads_of_melbourne on Instagram for a while. And when I do see them pop up, they always make me smile. These dads are honest, funny, unique, real and loving. They are a beautiful family. I think thats what I love about them, and the fact that their little boy Reid could give men across Australia a run for their money in terms of fashion!!!

Michael and Jarrad met inTasmania and have been together for 15 years. They moved to Melbourne in 2001 when  Michael took advantage of a work opportunity. Jarrad is a fulltime stay at home Dad, and their delicious son Reid has just started primary school. 

The Real Dads of Melbourne

1. Since meeting how has society, in 2015 and their ‘attitude/opinion’ of homosexuality changed? If at all? And in what ways?

It’s certainly more in the media today in 2016, which we feel has helped educate people a lot.

2. Did you both know you wanted to be parents?

Absolutely. We always knew it was something we wanted. We had dreamed of it happening one day, although we were not sure at that point if all dreams could come true.

3. Can you describe briefly legislation in Australia around adoption/surrogacy and what channels were available to you?

Sadly at the time (2010) international surrogacy was the only realistic way we felt we would be able to be parents.

The Real Dads of Melbourne Interview

Above: Little Reid as a Newborn

The Real Dads of Melbourne's Son Reid

Above: Gorgeous Reid today.... So Stylish!

4. What channels did you go down in terms of having beautiful baby? Was it hard? Expensive? Difficult? etc

We engaged India’s best agency (See Link Below) to source a surrogate and separate egg donor. It was expensive. Hard. Tiring encountering a lot of road blocks along the way. But every part of it was worth it looking back now.

The Real Dads of Melbourne talk about Surrogacy

5. Were your family/friends and society accepting and have you had a lot of negative energy directed towards you? Or do you find that it is more normalised in society in 2015 to be gay dads?

To be honest, we never encounter anything negative. We are grateful to those who may not understand the way our family came about being, yet are so respectful in keeping there opinions to themselves.

The Real Dads of Melbourne Interview with My Tiny Wardrobe Founder

6. How does Reid differentiate you? By calling you different names? 

He calls Michael ‘ DADUM’(The M for Michael) and Jarrad 'DADDY’.

7. Would you love to have more than one child? Are you considering another?

We always say ‘Never say never’!

8. Have you told your family and friends who the biological father is? Will you tell your son if he would like to know?

No, we haven’t told anyone this information. We feel this is his information and when he is ready to ask us we are more than happy to tell him.

9. Why did you want to contribute to My Tiny Wardrobe as a Guest Blogger?

Amy, you were just to nice to say no too. (Amy: Blushing:)…   

We also feel if we can help others understand family diversity through us being open and honest about our family it may help in some small way.

10: Plans for family Christmas 2016?

We have both always wanted a ‘white christmas’ so NYC is on the cards! Amy: Take me with you? Wink Wink 

Instagram: @the_real_dads_of_melbourne 

(Our username is a play on words  from the ‘Real Housewives’ Reality show) Amy: I LOVE THIS….

 The surrogacy agency we used was

 Useful website


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