To SNIP or not to SNIP?!

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When I was pregnant I had a few people ask me if I had a boy would I be getting him circumcised? I was so shocked, and am still shocked that people think that’s appropriate to ask such a question!!! If it was someone I knew well, I would have the conversation but if it was a client of mine at work I would just shrug it off and move the topic of convo along. Until one day at work I had a very nosey client who thought she could ask and tell me her opinion on everything…. massively pregnant, been on my feet working for about 7hours and getting frustrated with everything- as you do when you’re a pregnant me said “Yes, we are if it’s a boy”! and she was actually shocked….. don’t ask me a question if you don’t want MY answer to it!!!!

Circumcision in Baby Boys

She told me it was cruel and I changed the conversation to something else before I lost my cool- and probably my job as I knew if I started I would probably have crossed the line for client/beauty therapist etiquette!!! LOL How could someone be so rude on MY decision for MY child…. if it is a boy, his pecker has only just been developed so I’m not too stressed about making decisions on whether to chop it or not! Brett and I both knew from day 1 if it was a boy that he would be circumcised- just like his dad (sorry if that’s too much info but that’s how it is- if you don’t like it- stop reading LOL) That was not our only reason… I guess there are many pros and cons to the snip.

Circumcision in baby boy newborns

PLEASE NOTE; the pros an cons below are just MY pros and cons, they are solemnly MY concerns, beliefs and how we decided on our choice. There is NO judgement on any parent or child if they choose to snip or not to snip!! These are just how we justify it to ourselves that we have weighed up each side and how we make a decision. PLEASE take no offence and feel no judgement- and PLEASE do NOT judge me for my decision.


•It’s a procedure with many risks and possible complications

•It’s friggen scary for mum and dad worrying if poor Jax was scared, I guess that’s just a parent thing, you know they’re in safe hands but being a new mum I just wanted to hold him and comfort him and protect him against the world.

•Some children have no problems at all without getting it done- so putting your newborn through the procedure when there is no crystal ball for telling us if we should or not for the future when they are perfect just the way they are.

•What people might think- as much as you say you don’t care, deep down it does affect you in some way. Your trying to adjust to the new world you’ve been thrown into and your trying to make the best decisions for this tiny human you’re now responsible for and the last thing you need is all the “know it all’s” judging you!


•We have heard of so many stories about young boys having to get the snip much older than being a newborn for some complications of infection and growth issues with the foreskin so doing it to him as a newborn would be less cruel and eliminate that worry

•I know you teach  children to clean themselves and proper hygiene but I also know kids are kids, and boys will be boys… they’ll play with it until it nearly falls off with their grubby mitts and we wanted to eliminate the possible risk of infection.

•He’s a newborn, he can’t touch it during the healing process and he is unaware of what is happening as appose to a 10yr old.

Newborn Baby Boy Circumcision

{Once again PLEASE NO JUDGING… I DO NOT judge other parents who decide against circumcision, each parent needs to make a choice and there is no wrong or right choice… only the best choice for you and your child as you see fit. I know many people- circumcised and not circumcised and they both have had no problems either way with development and hygiene.}


We used a highly recommended doctor with many years experience, Dr Adam Jackel in Newcastle, Australia. He, along with Dr Milton Sales run their practice in Newcastle  come highly recommended. We had our procedure done in Newcastle Private Hospital where Jax was also born when he was approx. 5 weeks old. We had an initial consultation with him at the beginning of the week before the snip. He was very professional, caring, understanding of Jax’s crazy worried mother, and explained EVERYTHING. He answered all our questions and was very re-assuring- if anyone is in need of a Dr in this field- we highly recommend him or his co-worker Dr Sales.

Newborn Circumcision

We walked into the hospital nice and early ready for our little mans big day. I don’t think I had let go of him all morning and I began to second guess our decision- last minute nerves and I wasn’t even the one getting my bits out! The 1st thought that came to mind when we walked into the room was “holy shit, it’s a chop shop!!!” there was about 20baby boys all waiting for their appointment. It’s not as barbaric as that sounds, lol you need to be there early so you can fill out your paper work, pay- of course- and they don’t miss you with the price!!! and so the nurses can examine your child that morning, apply the numbing cream and have plenty of time for it to work before it’s their turn.

Jax being the cheeky devil from day 1 of course had to do not 1 BUT 2 big dirty shits AFTER he had been examined and of course AFTER his numbing cream had been applied!!!! The nurses come to take Jax for his turn. I cried!!!! He had never left my side yet and I had this huge rush of guilt about hurting my baby (yes it’s numbed with numbing cream prior to the local antisethetic ) but I was scarred, and worried! Luckily Brett was all cool and calm and calmed me down… of course quickly so he could go back to reading the morning paper… I know deep down he was worried, it’s his son, but he is much more level headed than me- and I’m totally going to blame the hormones here… I’ve just had a baby, I’m sill healing from shitting out the 10lb watermelon, I’m struggling to breastfeed this starving child and now I’ve decided to snip his baby willy!!! All these crazy thoughts running through my head- then 20mins later the nurse brings back this huge burrito… my son, swaddled tightly, sleeping peacefully… like nothing had happened! Either he really was completely fine and didn’t feel a thing, OR that nurse has some awesome experience with calming down hysterical babies.

For anyone who knew my baby- he could scream the house down, rocking him to sleep or feeing him every 2seconds was the only way to calm him down. So to be handed this peaceful- unharmed baby who is sleeping like nothing happened made me feel so much better- and to be honest, EVERY baby come back that way, unharmed, healthy and peaceful.

I have heard horrific stories of people being made to hold down their babies while it’s being done, about babies screaming in pain etc, but was not our experience. Jax was completely numbed, we were well looked after right down to medical knowledge, care and emotional support of this crazy worried new mum and he was peaceful and healthy. We were instructed of his healing care which only involved keeping an eye on it and applying cream and vaso for the duration of his healing and he was back to normal, no tears, not even at bath time which I was so paranoid about burning his willy lol.

We were lucky, our experience was safe and standard. I look back at how worried I was and realise I had nothing to worry about… and when the time comes to us having another baby, if we have a boy he too will be done- and I’m sure my mumma instincts will kick in full speed and I’ll be just as worried, but don’t get excited… this is NOT anytime soon haha!

I guess it’s similar to the whole ear piercing dilemma. To get it done when they’re babies, to wait until they’re are old enough to ask or to not get it done at all because it’s “cruel”- you make the BEST decision or you and your child, for YOUR beliefs and YOUR life, NOT because of the judgement of others!

There are many decisions to make for your baby, ear piercing, circumcision, immunisations, tongue tie procedure… the list is endless BUT if you make your decision based on the health and safety and what’s best for you and the child then you know you’ve made the right decision.

Jax is just like his Dad and I’m sure like every other boy… can’t stop playing with his “dude”, he is so clever I can even ask “where’s your dude?” and he grabs it with the biggest smile on his cute little face… he doesn’t know where his eyes are yet so we’re working on that… HAHA!!!

Circumcising My Baby Boy

Thanks for reading and again this is just our journey and our decision- it may not be best for everyone, nor may everyone agree but I am in no means judging anyone for their decision to snip or not to snip… I’m just sharing.

Circumcision in Newborns

Jax. Happy. Healthy. My Little Boy.

Naomi xx 

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