Be Her Freedom

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Be The Key to Freedom for a Victim of Human Trafficking! 

As a new mum to my 11 week old daughter Emma, and a small business owner who is passionate about social justice and helping those in need, I am always looking for ways to partner with likeminded women/mothers who are passionate for a cause.

It was a delight to be asked to be a guest blogger for Amy at My Tiny Wardrobe and share a charity close to my heart, the A21 Campaign. The A21 Charity Organisations actively works with those who are being trafficked around the world. Every 30 seconds someone is a victim of forced labour and sex trafficking. Children as young as 12 months old are sold into slavery against their free will. When I learnt about these facts I couldn’t look past it and had to get involved to raise awareness.

People think this doesn’t happen in Australia but it does. Women, children & men are being trafficked mainly from South East Asia and Eastern Europe to Australia & told they will have a better future, more freedom and increased job prospects (MANY OF THEM MOTHERS). Only to find out they are being forced into sex slavery or forced labour and told if they try to leave and escape their families will be killed or large debts will be incurred. This means that victims are often slaves until they can be rescued by charities like the A21 Campaign.

An example of a recent rescue:

A21 partnered with the Royal Thai Police who identified and assisted 10 Children aged 5months – 11 years old, as well as two adults from a trafficking ring in Thailand. The survivors are now safe and awaiting the repatriation process to their home countries. This is an incredible breakthrough and a huge step forward regarding A21 Campaigns work in Thailand.

The A21 Campaign actively rescue’s and offer’s a safe house where victims can stay. For up to 12 weeks victims have access to counselling, medical help and work with police and lawyers to see ring leaders prosecuted.

On Saturday October 17th 2015, I was a part of the A21 campaign’s walk for freedom in Sydney where over 500 people walked from Surry Hills to the Opera House. Each year this charity does a walk for freedom around the world to raise awareness for those who are victims of human trafficking. I’ve partnered with the A21 Campaign to raise funds and awareness for the work they do to rescue, restore and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking across the globe. So when the walk for freedom was coming up despite the fact I just had a baby 4 weeks prior to the walk I felt it was important for me to be a part of this and to encourage my staff to participate & raise awareness. 

Sydney Walk For Freedom against Human Trafficking Blog

A21 Walk for freedom- October 2015 – Sydney Australia

Australia Human Trafficking Blog

It’s exciting to hear that since the A21 Campaign started a few years ago, they have now rescued 380 people from slavery and seen 49 ring leaders prosecuted for this horrific crime against humanity. The reason A21 Campaign are able to rescue people all over the globe is because of everyday people LIKE YOU & ME making a stand and raising awareness & money so that the A21 Campaign can continue to do the amazing work they do. We can’t do everything but we can all do something small to be a key to someone’s freedom. Whether it be this charity or another, or raising awareness over the dinner table about this topic. 

Human Trafficking In Australia Blog A21 Campaign

Kate Taylor Email: Instagram: kate_inspired4life

A21 Campaign:

Other Resourceful Sites:

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5 Food Play Ideas To Beat Witching Hour & Help Fussy Eaters

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I am so happy that Amy has asked me to write for My Tiny Wardrobe this week. I love her sense of community and how her products fit with her ideals of supporting mums.  Whether it is retail therapy, learning something new or finding out about other mums and what they do, you are sure to find something unique and inspiring in Amy’s collection.

My life is a kaleidoscope of different roles. A major part of my day is being mum to two little girls (Elizabeth, 3 ½ and Verity, 22 mths).  I am married. I have a new part-time job. And I run Play with Food.  I feel motherhood has an ever changing “play book”.  Once you think you have something sorted, something else gets you in a tizz!  Play with Food is all about helping parents delight their kids with food.  I mostly work with families that have fussy eaters.  My goal is to bring them happy mealtimes.  

How to Help Fussy Eaters - Babies and Toddlers Mealtimes

Today I am sharing with you 5 ideas to help you through “witching hour” or when your kids get the hangries (and we might get them too!) After a really good afternoon tea (about 2 hours before dinner is ideal). Set them up with one of the following activities.  These activities are usually reasonably easy to set up and (depending on the ages of your kids) may require only half an ear out for supervision.  I love to incorporate the foods we will be eating at dinner into our pre-dinner playtimes.

1. Vegie Painting

Using some vegetables, try painting (or drawing around) them onto paper.  You can make an edible paint by mixing a teaspoon of yoghurt with a drop of food colouring.  Vegetables that make good brushes include asparagus, broccoli, rosemary stalks and carrot tops.  Or you can cut a potato into two and make circle/oval stamps.

Help for Baby and Toddler Fussy Eaters at Meal Times

2. Grouping and Counting with Vegie Scraps

This is great if you have peels from potato / carrot / sweet potato or the outer leaves of a leek / lettuce / cauliflower available.  Have the children tear them into pieces and then line them up in order from smallest to biggest.  Or put them in groups of similar size pieces. Then they can tally up the number of pieces they have sorted out.

3. Mystery Sensory Challenge

In a shoe box, place some dry rolled oats and some small mystery fruits and vegetables for the children to find and determine what they are just by feeling them. This works well for small items like apricots, plums, cherries, beans, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes.  You could use shredded paper, dry rice or dry pasta to surround the mystery foods too.

How to Help Fussy Eaters Toddlers and Babies

4. Bubble Painting

In a small beach bucket over a messy mat or outside, place some detergent, food colouring and water.  Put some paper over the bucket and poke a straw through it.  The child then blow OUT to make bubbles that will reach up and colour the paper.

5: Food Sculptures (for ages 3 and up)

A great way to use their imagination and also to make some use of your scraps again too.   With toothpicks, get them to try and make things like a car, digger, castle or dog out of food items.  This can be simply done on a placemat on the floor beside you while you are making dinner.

I have teamed up with two other mums to write a Happy Mealtimes eCourse.  It will include plenty of tips to help you master your family mealtimes, especially with fussy eaters.  The eCourse kicks off on January 4, 2016.

Simone xx 

Find out more about Simone on Instagram: @playwithfood_au and you can also find more information on her website

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PRESS: My Tiny Wardrobe Features at 'Mums With Hustle'

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my tiny wardrobe logo



Research. Research. More research. It took a long time to launch. From my conception, of not just being an online store, but being a resource for mothers (in terms of my blogging) and to wanting to find mothers who wanted to work from home and just sew, I knew I had to work hard. I found people – mothers who loved sewing, photographers who wanted to work with women and collaborate and cross promote, all in an attempt to build a brand that is all about #mumssupportingmums and #localisthenewblack. That reminds me, I never had an Instagram account before having a business so learning about Instagram and the marvellous beast it can be to help succeed took me a long time.

It was also important to make sure the products I wanted to sell were well received. I went to markets, sold samples on gumtree, all in an effort to gain mums’ feedback on what they loved and what they didn’t need. Straight away mums told me, boys always miss out on cool and edgy clothes so I started designing there. From then on, it was about what I loved.

I looked at budget. What goes into selling a dress online? You just sew it, post it and make a profit. WRONG. There are so many hidden fees to consider. Here are a few apart from the initial website set up: personalised swing tags, business cards, company ribbon for gift wrapping, postage expenses outside Australia, bagging the item, company stickers to brand your LOGO and make a lasting impression on people. Hidden transaction costs, shopify monthly fees, banking fees for each transaction, the list of hidden extra costs to the viability of bringing a product made in Australia or otherwise to market goes on and on. So finances are crucial when researching and considering a Start Up Business.


I always follow up with customers & make sure they were happy and I follow their journey on Instagram and congratulate them on their milestones. I also research marketing strategies and most importantly, I collaborate with other mums and that way, we cross promote both of our products.


  1. Know the peak times for your audience. When will they be online. If they have kids, when is their ‘downtime’ as that is when they may be looking at Social Media.
  2. Have a ‘Call to Action’ in a post & list if the item is in stock and ready to ship.
  3. Use hashtags wisely. Many hashtags can be lost in under 3 minutes on a certain # feed ie. motherhood. So try and see what hashtags work and what don’t.
  4. Allow your followers into your life (just a little) so they can relate to you and the product and how you use it everyday.


At the moment, I don’t have that balance. I try my best to be present when I am with my girls and when they are asleep I work like crazy. I do think that this is an area I will focus on more and more in learning to run a small business. There is one thing I have learned though, marketing is crucial, but if it is at the expense of making your family life or weekends miserable, then my husband takes my phone off me. Have someone who is an advocate of helping you achieve balance. You would hate it if a sale meant that you were not present for that first smile or that first word. So try. It is a work in progress at My Tiny Wardrobe HQ but I will find it.


mum and baby


Know your competitors and how they market. This doesn’t mean compete.

I often love numerous products from other companies and I will openly comment on their post that I have this dress and what great quality it is etc. So know how to maintain a competitive edge without losing sight that everyone in small business should support one another.


If I couldm I would say my mum. But if it has to be someone recognisable, I would say Fatma Elzein from ‘Mummies Paying it Forward’. She is an inspiration. She is on Facebook and has turned her idea of helping others in need to the ultimate success story that will warm your heart.

She has children and has has succeeded in inspiring, motivating and bringing mums together from all across the country for a greater good, whatever the cause may be. She has recently been nominated for Australian of The year and she only started the Charity Page just over a year ago. She is a woman who I support personally and through my company and I would love it if every mum on social media finds her on Facebook, follows her and supports her. She hustles with heart, mind, as a mum and with love in her heart. She is a #mumsupportingmums and more. Much more.


Blushing Pink Flutter Top and Little Miss Sunshine Bloomers

 To Follow the amazing Mum - Tracy Harris -  who wrote this & has created a Brilliant Platform for helping you build your business through - mindset - community and actionable strategies see below:

Instagram: @mumswithhustle


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When Love Is Taken For Granted

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When Love is Taken for Granted

My personal experience of Domestic Violence

By Yvette Mystakas

 One afternoon I was lying in my bath and I was immersed in the warm water, hoping every ache in my body would go away. I prayed the black and blue bruises would slide off my skin. I wanted my boyfriend to stop abusing me. I wished I never entered this relationship. What had I done? What did I do to deserve this? Did I deserve it? Maybe I really did deserve it? Maybe I should have not answered back? Maybe I should have said nothing? Maybe? As these questions circulated, I plunged my head under water; all I wanted was the pain to go away. Not just the physical pain, but also the throbbing in my mind. Young, innocent, ignorant - I thought I could not do any better, and so for 10 months I endured an abusive, degrading, and regrettable relationship.

Mummy Blogging about Domestic Violence Sydney Australia

 He stopped me from seeing my friends, my family. He shut me out from the outside world, to the point where he would take my keys, my mobile phone, the house phone - just to make sure I wouldn’t walk out on him.

How did I not see the bad signs? I didn’t. I was roped into the relationship with manipulations and lies from the very start. That’s what the abuser does. When the truth unfolds, the abuser makes sure you cannot run away. They continue with their sweet nothings and craftiness to ensure you depend on them and no one else. I was only 20 years old, and did not know any better. My partner was much older and I think he just knew how to make me think it is ok to accept the deceit and guile. 

Once that is sorted, the abuser cultivates these ambitious tales that you are cheating on them, whilst at work and social events - just so you can cease going to these events. One night I could not take the verbal abuse anymore and I yelled back. To this day I still wished I never answered back as in return, my boyfriend punched me in the face. I was stunned. Never in my life have I been hit in my face, by anyone. Since I was young, and naive I didn’t think to leave him that night. Optimistically, I thought he would never do it again. He “loved me”. He said he “loved me”. So therefore he must “love me”. For the next 10 months, I was beaten and raped by the man who I thought “loved me”.

It took me such a long time to get over this nightmare. I suffered from a post traumatic stress disorder where those 10 months replayed and tormented my head for a few good years after. I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself - how could I let my guard down, my inner self worth be thrown about, let my self respect get caught up with someone that never loved me, never cared for me, never respected me. He stopped me from seeing my friends, my family. He shut me out from the outside world, to the point he would take my keys, my mobile phone, the house phone - just to make sure I wouldn’t walk out on him. This is not a normal relationship.

Blog Domestic Violence Australia Personal Story

There are men who have respect, dignity and treat women like a queen. I am now married to one of them, with a beautiful little boy.

The only thing a domestic violence victim can do is just walk out. I did, with the help of authorities. I went home with my tail in between my legs, with no money, a suitcase of clothes, and bruises on my body. I had to start from the bottom, and crawl back to the top. It takes a lot of courage, especially self forgiveness, however it can be done.

My liberating moment was when my abusive ex came around to drop of my sentimental things, he praised me for doing well with my life (as the manipulating predator does so) and I smiled, wished him well, and slammed the door in his face. I never saw him again and hope to God I never will.

Whilst we pine for the perfect partner, yet have an ethos that “all boys are stupid, throw rocks at them”, we must remember there are decent men out there. There are men who have respect, dignity and treat women like a queen. I am now married to one of them, with a beautiful little boy. 

My abusive relationship has taught me so much - choose your partner wisely, never settle for less, teach your children self respect and love, and know your self worth. 



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Little Sponges

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EMPOWERING YOUNG MINDSTeaching Toddlers Educating Toddlers Learning Reading To Toddlers

Hi! I’m Alanna. A proud mum of three little monkeys under 5, Savannah 4.5 yrs, Hunter 2 and Axel 8 months. I’m also a passionate primary school teacher with a desire to educate children through exploration in a fun way! Savannah is the drive behind ‘little sponges’ being created with her desire to learn!!                

Empowering young minds… As knowledge is power!

I’m also very passionate about health and fitness! And believe it is valuable to educate and model how to be healthy and active in front of our children. Don't worry, I fail often at this, icy poles on a hot day, who can say no.

Teaching your child to read blog     

I decided to start a Facebook page (Little Sponges) in 2013 just after my second child was born.The aim was to educate and show parents some simple, easy, fun and non-expensive ways to entertain whilst educating their little sponges. These early years should be about fostering a love to play, explore and learn, as they are the prime years in which they learn.

Why would I bother? You might ask?? After receiving numerous questions asking what I do with my Savvy, I decided I would love to share my ideas with other parents, and teach them creative, fun playful ways to interact with their children with a learning focus in mind. Ideas that are inexpensive (things we can find around the house or easily at the shop that will serve a variety of purposes). I LOVE CONTACT ACTIVITIES. You will see the many activities that my kids love to do that keeps them out of my hair when I need to get stuff done!

Teaching kids while at home     

After finally becoming a teacher and after my first year out of university it all happened. It was 2010. I was teaching year 4 and eager & so excited to put all my ideas into action. I also had just gotten married that year and then bang fell pregnant with Savvy. After having Savvy I didn’t go back to teaching full time and still buzzing with an eagerness to teach I started researching and trialling fine motor skills and age appropriate activities for her that engaged and challenged her thinking. As she progressed so did the activities. We progressed and it became a daily thing we did together that we both loved.

If I was asked what three things are a must to do with your child… these would be it:

Communication/ talking and listening: 

Language development supports your child’s ability to communicate, and express and understand feelings. Developing thinking and problem-solving, and developing and maintaining relationships. It's the basis for learning to read and write. Explaining what you're doing, asking them questions and explaining new words helps develop effective language users.

Playing /Role Play /Modelled Play:

"Play" is NOT just for pleasure but it’s how children learn. 

Through play children benefit immensely. It's a positive way to enhance their learning experiences, their self-esteem but also for parents to build upon their relationship with them. Role modelling real life situations (playing shops, Drs, or mums and dads etc) helps them develop new language appropriate to the situation and how they are to act etc.

Reading to your child:

WE are our children's first teachers. 

1.Spend at least ten wildly happy minutes every single day reading aloud. From birth! It’s never too soon.

2.Read at least three stories a day: it may be the same story three times. Children need to hear a thousand stories before they can begin to learn to read. Or the same story a thousand times!

3. Read aloud with animation. Listen to your own voice and don’t be dull, or flat, or boring. Hang loose and be loud, have fun and laugh a lot. Read with joy and enjoyment: real enjoyment for yourself and great joy for the listeners - our children.

4. Read the stories that your child loves, over and over, and over again, and always read in the same ‘tune’ for each book: i.e. with the same intonations and volume and speed, on each page, each time.

5. Let children hear lots of language by talking to them constantly about the pictures, or anything else connected to the book; or sing any old song that you can remember; or sing nursery rhymes in a bouncy way; or be noisy together doing clapping games.

6. Look for rhyme, rhythm or repetition in books for young children, and make sure the books are really short.

7. Play games with the things that you and the child can see on the page, such as letting kids finish rhymes, and finding the letters that start with your child’s name and yours, remembering that it’s never work, it’s always a fabulous game.

8. Read aloud every day because you just adore being with your child, not because it’s the right thing to do!

My focus and aims are: 

  • Entertain while educating;
  • Real world learning (connecting with everyday life);
  • Easy fun ways to engage your little ones;
  • Out of your hair busy learning activities for little people!;
  • Interest base learning / theme based;
  • Learning through repetition (just changing the activity not the objective); 
  • Kinaesthetic (whole body) learning activities;
  • Learning for purpose / meaningful learning (making connections).

educating toddlers at home


Bedtime stories, snuggles and my three bed time questions! Best time of the day! 

Reading as I've mentioned many times before is so important for fostering imagination, language bonding and the pure enjoyment of a story.

I like to ask her to predict what the book might be about just from reading the title and looking at the picture. (If a new book or one not commonly read) 

I think about identifying words that she might not understand and ask her what she thinks they mean. For example ‘transport’ and ‘scolded’ were in a book we read tonight. Broadening her vocabulary and giving meaning and understanding of that word within the story. By reading on and looking at the pictures it may help your child decode and build understanding of any new vocabulary. 

Remember to ask your precious child at the end of the story what their favourite part of the book was? Or ask why they think something happened? All great questions to see what they absorbed. 

Now for my favourite 3 questions before bed!

1. What made you smile today?

 2. What did you learn? 

 3. What made you laugh? 

A great wrap up of the day! Recounting some of the happy memories of the day to send lovely thoughts in their heads before bed. I love her stories too! They are in depth and usually very funny and entertaining. A nice way to end the day.

If you head to my ‘little sponges’ Facebook page with the star icon and request to join the group you can see what we do and scroll through the many activities we have done. I'm hoping to have a web page soon to have all the activities categorised by age and learning objective themes. It is my aim to share my ideas with parents who want to know more.

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Notes On Motherhood

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Dishes in the sink, a load of washing to hang up and another sitting in the basket. Sheets to change, school run pending, some (never all) of the errands ticked off of the never ending to-do-list and dinner to decide on, shop for, and will into their bodies, yet again.

And most mothers will immediately identify with my present tense, right? Empathy. It’s powerful. Hence my ‘yes’ to writing this guest blog for Amy of My Tiny Wardrobe. She’s a mum, I’m a mum. She’s having a go at kicking a few personal goals, so am I. She wants to encourage other mums in this - their parenthood, so do I. Heart and soul …SO DO I!!

new business motherhood mum life  

Because, by observation of humanity and, of this humanitarian heart of mine, the words of Abraham Lincoln: 

“Teach the children, so it will not be necessary to teach the adults”, rings louder than ever in my thinking and as a strategy for changing this hurting world. 

new mum toddler clothes teaching children

I am a School Teacher by profession. My choosing this career path had, at its core, to do with:

1. My wanting to help people (….and knowing that people are best helped when they can help themselves. I chose a degree in education), and;

2. My wanting to one day have kids and be the best mum that I could be (…and knowing that a parent is a child’s first teacher. I chose a degree in education).

Now I’m not a professional parent. There is no such thing. And even if there were, with only a seven and a five year old to my name I wouldn't qualify anyway. One would need a range of personalities in a troupe of sons and daughters who have all grown up to be successful - healthy in mind, body, spirit and purpose - adults to even qualify for such a thing. Tough gig! 

What I am, however, is a lover of life, truth and purpose, a teacher, a wife, a mother, and a dreamer of a kinder world. It’s what I’ve written the soon to be published children’s book series – Lilly Grace’s Conversation – from, it’s what I run the @lillygracesconversation instagram account from and it’s why I’ve bothered with either. The instagram account shows my love of wisdom and quotes. Let me share a couple of favourites with you….

#1. “It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.” Joyce Maynard.

Powerful right? Gets me working for clarity in my thinking and, chipping away at a thought through dream. Today, may it inspire you sweet parent. May you dare to dream for your own life, not just your child’s. And may your capacity find new stretch as you introduce as little as five minutes a day to work towards something within your step-by-step reach.

 #2. “Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum.

Convicting right? Gets me assessing my attitude and time usage …and phone usage …and patience. Today, may it encourage you sweet parent. May you be your best self. And may you smile past the ten times you asked your child to brush his teeth or tidy her room or get in the car; knowing that who you are is sharper than what you say.

And on that note …I may have to throw in just one more quote:

(Bonus) #3. “Taking care of you means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than what’s left of you.” Carl Bryan.

motherhood mum blogging

So take care of you. Get the early night once in a while. Leave the dishes and watch your favourite TV show once in a while. Go to the movies with your girl friends once in a while. Read a novel. Have a glass of wine …and a bubble bath. Paint your nails. Get your hair done. Swim in the ocean. Eat ice-cream. Exercise. And then eat more ice-cream …because you can (wink). Stare at the sunset. Laugh. Fill your figurative soul cup to overflowing and let it drip on to those you love dearly and all too often guilt trip over not showing them in ways your heart desires because your tired humanity, all too often, fails you. 

Take care of you. And I’ll take care of me. And may we together raise a generation of world changers. Heaven knows this earth needs us to.

Raising Children Empathy New Mum

Love & Empathy,

Tam XX 

*All Pics Via Pintrest*


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Trial and Error - Being a NEW MUM

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Trial and Error   

mumlife newmum crying baby trial and error colic dreamfeed newbaby 

If I had a champagne for every time that I used that phrase over the last 9 weeks I would be living an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. No amount of books or experience can prepare you for having your own baby. No amount of google searches can reassure you when your emotional attachment to this tiny human is so big. You find yourself up at 3am typing in ‘normal baby poo colour’ like it’s the biggest thing you could ever be worried about. 

When I was younger I nannied for twin newborns and loved every minute of it. I dreamt about the day I became a mum and with experience under my belt I knew exactly how I wanted to look after my baby. I knew what products I wanted to use and not use and the routine I wanted to follow. Like most new mums you have 9 months (that feels like 17 frigging years) of receiving advice and researching what you will and won’t do when baby comes. But reality is that when they lift that tiny wet alien onto your chest nothing can prepare you for the journey that you are about to embark on. Your life and most probably your nipples will never be the same.

“Such a good look. Went out to get sparkling water, beer and nappies. Forgot the nappies - terrible parent alert! Also realised that my breast pad had bunched up in a ball. I’m hoping I have better luck tomorrow!”

You make it through the haze that is the first few weeks, a life chapter that is lacking sleep yet filled with love and endless koala cuddles, I love my baby more than anything else. BUT don't let this image for a minute give you the impression that it is all rainbows and fairy floss........

newmum parenthood mumlife newbaby

When the dust settles you get used to the little life that is attached to you (literally attached…release the nipple child!). It is then that you want your baby to sleep or want them to go longer between feeds and the list goes on. You start researching and trialling everything that you can possibly think of. After all this parenting gig is all just trial and error. One minute the baby has colic, the next it is mixing up day and night. I have tried it all, colic relief, extra burping, keeping baby upright for an hour after each feed, dream feed then dropping the dream feed then starting the dream feed back up again. In her cot with a blanket on, in her cot with two blankets on, white noise apps, flying in Monks from Nepal to chant her to sleep (it was my next option if white noise didn’t work). Bed at 7, bed at 7.15, bed at 7.30 – cause they will all give a different outcome of course….

The one night that I really knew I was taking the whole trial and error approach too far (apart from the time last week that I gave up chocolate – really just too extreme) I was standing in front of the mirror after my shower (if you can count 30 seconds under water and only washing the important bits, a shower?) I started to wonder if wearing deodorant was having an effect on her sleeping patterns. What a knob. I stood there for at least 5 mins (an eternity of alone time with a newborn) and debated whether or not I had worn deo last night and if it was the reason she slept so well, or maybe I didn’t wear it and that is why she slept so well – insert panicked blank stare. I then slapped myself and realised that I could possibly be losing the plot. But that is what motherhood can do to you. You get given so much advice and everyone does things differently and that’s why it comes down to trial and error. Trialling things that work for you and trusting your instincts. 

The reason I wanted to write for My Tiny Wardrobe is because mums like Amy and I have to stick together and support each other and take comfort in the fact that what works for some may not work for others. That you are not alone and rocking back and forth in a corner occasionally is normal. We will always have our own ideas and opinions on how we want to parent our child and figuring it all out is part of the job description. I am still figuring it out. 

new baby new mum mummyblogger mum life

"OK, so this is why I never blow dry and have my hair out. Little grasping hands whilst feeding! What a shame, because I always have the time and energy to make the effort...."

Every baby, every mum is different but we are all doing our best. There is no right or wrong (unless you are Britney circa 2006 driving with your baby on your lap – that’s probably pushing it) to how you approach motherhood. Some days you will be like Martha Stewart and folding undies like a boss and other days you won’t be sure who is crying more out of you and the baby. 

new mum mumblog breastfeed new parent housewife

"When cooking dinner becomes unhygienic...... unsettled due to wind I called it".

Being a mum is the most rewarding and amazing job in the world and I am so blessed and grateful to have a beautiful daughter. You just have to take the good with the bad, and when it’s really bad there is always wine. 

Julia Coffey 

INSTAGRAM: @newmumstheword




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